Frequently Asked Questions

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This is all based on a distribution of Drupal7. Anybody with Drupal knowledge can look at the source code and work out if your additional features can be provided by an existing Drupal module. If not, you can discuss it with other AchieveCity customer on our discussion boards or get in touch with us.

Yes we can. We can also offer a subscriber SLA. We understand that some governments must have a support contract, and we can provide that for a fee. Just get in touch to discuss the details.

For the first handful of sign-ups we'll be working with you closely to make sure you really get the most out of your site. After that, we’ll have a set of templates that other organisations can use for their own sites.

You can download the AchieveCity source code at any time and put it on your own servers. You can find the sourcecode on github, and we make it really easy for you to get back-ups of your own data.

Firmstep has been working with municipal government organisations for 10 years, helping them to improve customer services and save money. We want to provide AchieveCity for free to say thank you for ten great years of providing technology to government. We are able to provide it for free because open-source CMS technology has matured to the point where this is possible.

We do offer other (paid-for) services around the solution including data migration, support contracts, and a few other bits and pieces, however we intend to keep AchieveCity free forever. We do also have other products that we charge for including eForms, CRM, and citizen self-service.

AchieveCity is based on best-of-breed CMS technology that has been used in a range of US Federal Government projects, such as

The core technology is OpenPublic, a government distribution of Drupal. We have extended it with a number of features that we know city governments need, such as notifications, multimedia support and document management capabilities.

It is also extensible so you can add more features if you need to, either on your own or with other AchieveCity customers. Alternatively, we can assist you in adding extra features.

Yes. And we can also assist your local technology partners in doing the same. We offer a full range of services including theming, data migration and development of additional features, but prefer that you and your local technology partners do this if you have the capacity.  Just get in touch to find out more.